Former Speaker Anna Burke will quit politics at the next election.

The Labor MP who has held the Victorian seat of Chisholm for 17 years said she can’t guarantee to give the job 100 per cent anymore, reported AAP.

“I’m leaving because you have to go sometime and I want to go before I resent doing a job I love and no longer cherish every moment in my electorate,” she revealed in a statement on Wednesday.

Ms. Burke said she was “not running away from the prospect of facing a Malcolm Turnbull-led coalition” though the Liberal Party did achieve a 4.2 per cent swing in the 2013 election.

She has served as both speaker and deputy speaker in that time, but says, “the time has come and I have decided to call it quits”.

“I said I would go when I was no longer able to give the job 100 per cent and I just can’t guarantee it anymore,” Ms. Burke said.

Labor currently holds the Melbourne-based seat by a margin of 3.2 per cent.

According to, “I know what will soon be apparent to all – Malcolm is sound and fury, full of nothing.

“He is (Tony) Abbott in a better suit and with a better turn of phrase, but he is doing nothing and he is letting the country down by not abandoning the policies of the Abbott era.

“Mr Turnbull has done nothing to improve the lives of asylum seekers, nothing to improve Australia’s response on climate change, nothing to improve our economy or job prospects, nothing to improve education or health – just to name a few areas of inaction.

“Indeed, Malcolm continues to preside over the reversal of much of the progress Labor had made while in government.”

The Australian Labor Party faithful entered politics in 1998.

ABC noted, opposition Leader Bill Shorten thanked Ms Burke for her passion, describing her as a “fearless and tireless advocate for the rights of asylum seekers”.

“In an often fractious and contested Parliament, Anna was a skillful, impartial and patient speaker, becoming only the second woman to hold the position in the history of Federation,” he said.

“Anna has served the people of Chisholm, our party and Australia with absolute distinction.”