The Animal Kingdom finale would reveal big secrets about Pope’s character.

The American TV drama series wraps up its first season. The Animal Kingdom finale airs August 9 Tuesday on TNT at 9 p.m. The penultimate episode revealed the brutal death of Catherine (Daniella Alonso) at the hands of Pope (Shawn Hatosy).

Throughout the season, Pope never lost sight of his dream to have a life with her. However, his feelings slowly waned when Smurf (Ellen Barkin) brought her suspicions to his attention. His loyalty to his family rose above whatever feelings he had for Catherine. Yet the lies she told him were the final trigger to his action. Thus, Catherine’s death adds an element of surprise to the Animal Kingdom finale. Moreover, it reveals a change in Pope’s character that would lay the foundation for Season 2. In an interview with E! News, actor Shawn Hatosy revealed his character’s major realization in the upcoming Animal Kingdom finale.

“… I think in episode 10 Pope starts to realize that he’s been programmed and that he is a consequence of Smurf’s upbringing. He’s going to brush back against that a little bit and that’s going to take season two in a new direction… episode ten, to me, is a transitional episode that answers a lot of questions and really dovetails into what’s going to happen in season two,” Hatosy said. Hence, viewers can likely anticipate big changes in the relationships of the Cody family beginning with the finale. This would carry over to Season 2.

The 2010 Australian film of the same name was the inspiration for the American TV drama series, according to Yahoo! Movies. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival that year and went on to achieve success among critics and audiences. Ben Mendelsohn played the role of Pope while Jacki Weaver earned an Oscar’s nod for her performance as Smurf.

Watch the scene from the penultimate episode prior to the Animal Kingdom finale.