Sony aims to make an action-thriller TV series based on Angelina Jolie’s “Salt.”

Sony Pictures Entertainment (PSE) is looking into releasing a small screen remake of the 2010 spy film.

In a report made by Empire, the action franchise is currently being pitched at the European Film Market. Not much details regarding the Salt remake has been divulged just yet since it is still sitting at an early stage and most likely because no broadcaster has given the go signal just yet.

There is a little chance though that Angelina Jolie will be reprising the role as the titular character.

However, Sony’s Senior VP of International TV production Diego Suarez made mention that they want to deliver “Salt” adaptation from an interesting new angle.

“We want to bring it to Europe in a completely different way”

According to ScreenDaily, Suarez was hired by Sony in September to improve TV entertainment for the studio in all parts of the world. Before Sony, he worked for Fox21 Television Studios and he is known to have developed the TV series remake for the Latin soap opera “The Queen of the South.”

Quite a number of movie franchises are being adapted into TV series lately. There have been talks of TV retelling of movie titles such as the crime thriller “Training Day” which stars Denzel Washingon and Ethan Hawke. There has also been word of making a TV version for “The Exorcist,” the horror movie that attracted much controversy during its time.

If ever “Salt” would be successfully adapted, it will be one of the first Hollywood movies transformed into television program for a European audience.

As for the spy movie, there have been rumours of the Jolie-starred action sequel but no official statement is made regarding its production yet. After half a decade, news about Salt 2 looks dim. The espionage film is about Evelyn Salt, played by Angelina Jolie, Pentagon employee who later discovered that she was a spy tasked to kill the US President after a series of misfortunes.