The Angelina Jolie dead headlines hit the internet on the heels of the notorious Jaden Smith hoax.

The internet surprised netizens with the headline about Angelina Jolie’s so-called death by suicide. Moreover, an alleged video of the actress as she bid farewell to her husband and fans is supposedly posted on social media. The news is reminiscent of the recent scandal faced by Jaden Smith.

The young actor fell victim to a similar hoax. Like Jolie, an alleged suicide video of Jaden Smith also made its way onto social media. However, it turned out to be fake. Jaden is actively in the spotlight to date, as he is busy with promotions for the Netflix series The Get Down.

Thus, would the Angelina Jolie dead headline be a hoax as well? Various reports continue to hint at her possible divorce from husband Brad Pitt. Yet the couple seem to maintain a good relationship despite the rumors. Hence, their celebrity status likely magnifies the typical problems that most couples go through in a marriage. Moreover, her activities as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics and her humanitarian works would leave her little time to commit suicide.

Snopes shot down the rumor and detailed how the hoax works. As it turns out, the root of the nasty headline is the same outlet responsible for other shocking celebrity death hoaxes. Apparently, the death-hoax generator site utilizes different Facebook apps to publish their stories under varied URLs. It uses scandalous headlines to entice users to click the FB post. By doing so, a user mistakenly gives it access to his or her personal information. Moreover, the link does not lead to any video or actual report that provides details about the malicious headline.

What do you think of the Angelina Jolie dead headline?