Is Angelina Jolie dead? The breaking news claimed that the actress took her own life.

According to the outlets, there is a suicide video and it is becoming viral as of writing. However, it appears that the news is just another hoax and the news is warning the public about clicking the link to the clip.

WATE reported that the Angelina Jolie Dead news began to circulate during the weekend. But the false claim is only enticing the readers to open the link that will lead them to a dangerous scam.

Just like with Jaden Smith Death Hoax, the reports of suicide of Jolie appear on Facebook. The site even put CNN or ABC News to make the news legitimate. Neither of the two websites are confirming the alleged suicide.

However upon clicking the title, Facebook will ask for permission to use personal information. Again, this is a warning that the website might be stealing details for their advantage.

Those who clicked on the link should immediately revert to avoid further damage on you account. Furthermore, if you have sent the link to a friend, report it as a spam and do not click it.

The outlet posted a photo that reveals that hacker’s Twitter account which reads as @caryusa_salon. The post stated: ‘CNN- NEWS Video Footage 2016: Angelina Jolie Says Goodbye With Her iPhone Before Suicide.’

Meanwhile, Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are yet to comment on the latest death hoax. The pair must have heard the news on Sunday.

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 The death hoax for the celebrities has become so typical. A while ago, Will Smith’s 18-year old son was the latest victim. Mirror unveiled the motive behind the hoax as well.

Following the same modus, the cyber criminals used Jaden Smith as the subject of a suicide bluff. They took advantage of the news that he broke up with Sarah Snyder due to infidelity.

So far, the Angelina Jolie Dead news continue to plague the social media so please help to stop it.