It’s been over 10 years since Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt were divorced. But the old flames have sparked insecurity in Angelina Jolie, the present wife of the Hollywood superstar.

“In Touch Weekly” published a story on Wednesday that focused on the ex-couple. The report stated that Anniston and Pitt share a bond of friendship and have reconnected as friends after they parted ways. The cover page of the magazine read, “Brad caught with Jen.” The page also featured headlines saying “Angelina Explodes: What she saw,” “How Brad and Jen Reconnected.”

“Two marriages in shambles” was the headline that indicated the troubling wedding relationships between ex-couple’s present ties. There are predictions of Jolie and Pitt parting ways soon following the increasing closeness between the actor and Aniston.

The lone public appearances of the actors have sparked the rumors even more. It has been reported Pitt’s journey by air to different places without Jolie as he was spotted alone in multiple airports. However, one more reason why they are remaining apart for the moment can be the terrible box office collection of their movie By the Sea together.

However, Inquistr reports that Jolie has been working on her bonding with Pitt. She tries to spend more time with kids. She has been making public appearances with her kids and doesn’t want them to get involved in all the drama. “Angie tries to make the kids lives as normal as possible,” a source stated.

“She puts on sunglasses and a hat and often goes out in public. Most times no-one even notices that it is her. You would be surprised all the ‘normal’ places she goes. Look around next time you are shopping, you might be standing next to Angelina Jolie.”

Contrary to this, there are reports of Jolie being suspicious about the ex couple’s relationship following the actor’s visit to Aniston at her place.