The Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt divorce could possibly get uglier as sources revealed the actress’ dark side is about to come out.

News of the Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt divorce continues to surprise the world as details about what triggered it comes out. Although earlier rumors hinted at its possibility, it was only last September 15 when the speculation became real.

Since then, child abuse claims have surfaced against the actor. Allegedly, the previously hailed ideal father to their six children became physical and spoke angrily to them. Although many know of the actor’s awful temper at times, they are also certain he is not capable of harming any of the kids.

Hence, it might seem like a smear campaign against Brad Pitt is in the works. Yet who could possibly orchestrate such a thing? Apparently, it might be no one other than his soon to be ex-wife. If so, the negative publicity surrounding the actor could get worse as sources seem to hint at the dark side of the actress.

Yet more shocking is fact that the insinuation to discredit him was hatched early on. Apparently, it came about following years of their reported fighting. The alleged incident on board the private jet became the deciding factor. However, rather than just a simple, no fuss separation. A source revealed what could be described as a sinister plot against Brad.

“Angie says she is going to destroy him. If something is broken, she just throws it away,” a friend of Jolie told US Weekly. Thus, the actor could be in for a bumpier ride as the Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt divorce has only begun. Sources close to the actor revealed he is heartbroken by the recent turn of events.

The power couple celebrated their second wedding anniversary last August. However, they were already together for ten years prior to the marriage.