As Android Marshmallow is yet to be released in some devices, news about Android N is making rounds. The developer documents point out that it would have floating windows similar to desktop OS.

The Android N would look similar to our desktop. A freeform window would appear just as we imagined. According to Ars Technica, an extra button would appear on the thumbnails in the Recent Apps screen, while the ‘X’ button would appear on the left-side, which pops up after a second or two. It looks like a square shaped placeholder similar to the split-screen mode in the Android M Developer Preview.

The publication notes that Android N would work more or less like Remix OS, an Android operating system for the desktop.

Digital Trends notes that Freeform Mode sports rudimentary mouse support, which can be connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB.

In Freeform Mode, users launching an app will open in a new window while maximising an app from Overview shows a split interface with a fullscreen view. The app would appear above the a carousel of apps. It offers features like close, maximize options which would enable the user to switch between and closing Freedom Mode. The OS also remembers the position and size of windows you have opened previously.

However, Freeform Mode is very much unpolished. According to Developers report, the unoptimized memory management of Android has resulted in windowed apps to frequently reload and pause. Moreover, resizing of apps leads to graphical glitches.

The feature does not have a number of windows management tools which should be in a modern environment. So there’s no way to bring a windowed app to the forefront and send it back in the background. For instance, there’s no way to use the windowed app while using a maximised app, notes Ars Technica.