The Android N Developer Preview 2 has been released and it builds on the features introduced last month with Android N Developer Preview.  It has brought a couple of new ones as well. While the  Android N is currently available in Developer Preview form and boasts of some exciting new features, the question on everyone’s mind is when exactly will the OS from Google launch.

According to report on Tech Radar, Android N won’t be announced at  Google IO 2016 to be held in May, as many are probably expecting. Why you ask? Well, it is to give developers more time to play around with the new flavour. There were also rumours about whether the upcoming OS would be called the Android 7 update, given that in the past, Google has introduced 4.1 Jelly Bean and 4.4 KitKat as well as a 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. So while guesses were being made, Samsung mistakenly let the cat out of the bag when the source code for its MultiWindow SDK 1.3.1 read “This version has been released with Android N(7.0) compatibility”.

So, while that’s settled, a look at the Developer Preview reveals “Multi-window, bundled notifications,” and the Developer Preview 2 has brought with it “a new 3D rendering API” dubbed as Vulkan, “launcher shortcuts” as well as new emoji designs, shared the Android Developers Blog.

Anyone who would dare to tread the uncharted waters, would have to get themselves enrolled in the Android Beta Program. However, it is noteworthy that “Developer Preview 2 is intended for developers and not as a daily driver; this build is not yet optimized for performance and battery life,” as shared on the blog. The Developer Preview is currently available for Nexus devices and Google’s Android One smartphone.

Fans can keep coming back for more updates on Android N and keep checking back what more exciting features are introduced.