We’re seeing a wave of Android N features and stories all around the internet, and it’s probably not going to stop anytime soon. Now that Google is already at the 14th letter of the alphabet, there are also waves of speculations as to which flavourful treat the search engine giant is planning to name the new version. That’s soon to stop, however. New reports indicate that Google has already chosen a name for it.

“New York Cheesecake” or “nyc” seems to be the brand name of Android N, but it comes with a little catch. It’s only an internal name at the moment, so it’s quite possible for Google to switch to another treat when the final build hits. There’s no official announcement at the time of writing as to what the version number of Android N will be although it could likely be Android 6.1 or Android 7.0.

It’s also important to note that while “New York Cheesecake” appears to be a fitting name for Android N, Google has never chosen an internal codename for the final branding of its mobile operating system in each version. The Mountain View firm had “klp” or “Key Lime Pie” for KitKat, “lmp” or “Lemon Meringue Pie” for Lollipop, and “mnc” or “Macadamia Nut Cookie” for Marshmallow.

There’s also a new a poll for the next brand name of Android up on Google’s Opinion Rewards. The first question, “What tasty food comes to mind that starts with the letter ‘N,’” is giving us the option to think one that we’d like. The second question gives you a couple of suggestions. Napoleon, Nut brittle, Nachos, Nori, Noodles, Nougat, and Neapolitan ice cream are on the list. Interestingly, Nutella isn’t among them, which comes off as a surprise since it has been the name widely associated with the mobile operating system in social media.

In other news, Android could also follow in the footsteps of Windows or any desktop operating system for that matter. According to the official documentation of Android N, there’s a ‘freeform’ mode that will allow users to freely resize and move around apps. The feature has been seen in Jide’s Remix OS, and Google could use it to improve the user experience in Android.

Android already offers a plethora of apps, and many would want to fully utilise them for productivity and entertainment needs. Whatever the case, Android N is building up to be well-rounded multitasking software. It might not be as fully-featured as its desktop counterparts in terms of usability, but it’s getting there.