With each new year, Google releases a new update to its Android mobile operating system. Now that the flavorful sweet dessert is now on its “N” milestone, several leaks, speculations, and rumours have been coming out recently regarding what the new update will bring. The latest leak shows that the Android “N” will feature a redesigned quick access panel and a notification shade.

In the latest screenshots posted by Android Police, Android “N” is set to introduce more changes to the notification shade. However, it looks like the upgrades are more on design changes at the moment.

The quick settings and notifications now spans across the full width of the device’s display. Other user-interface elements that pad around the edges now seem to switch to full width as well.

On the other hand, notifications are now grouped closer with one another. As opposed to what Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow feature, the notifications on Android “N” aren’t separated anymore, although there’s a subtle line that divides each of them.

What’s more, the traditional app icon on the left side of the notifications are now located at the right side under the time and notifications by default.

At the top of the notification bar is a new quick setting toggle bar which will offer faster access to quick settings as compared to the previous iterations of Android. However, you can still pull down the quick access bar to have the full list of quick settings, but the most important quick settings icon are on top to provide easier access.

It’s important to note that the images displayed are still early builds of Android “N”, which would likely mean that more changes would possibly come along the way until its final build. If Google keeps its pattern, we may see Android “N” to be officially announced at Google I/O in the following months.