New York Cheesecake, Nutella and Nankhatai are some of the names that have been suggested to Google for its upcoming Android N iteration. Aside from the name, it is loaded with plenty of features which every Nexus user would like to have.

Features everywhere

Although there are a plethora of new changes under the hood, complete UI overhaul is not done as Google had already delivered with Android 5.0 Lollipop and Material Design. Android N has improved its background with a cleaner notifications bar and tray.

More details are included in the Google Now Search cards layout and also have the ability to reply to messages, notes First Post. Along with it, other interesting advancements are included, such as revamped settings menu, revamped Quick Settings toggles, and split-screen multitasking feature.

Battery Life

With Android N, Google introduced “Project Svelte” that keeps the Nexus 5X running buttery smooth. It also reduces RAM usage and saves the smartphone’s battery life. Moreover, the smartphone keeps going a bit longer which is better than Android Marshmallow.

A Developer Preview

Since it is developer Preview, it is beta software which is meant for testing. With every beta version come the bugs, and they are everywhere. The multitasking feature is loaded with bugs that frequently showed display errors and you will often be greeted with “App does not support split-screen” messages for third-party and even some native apps.

Apps crash quite frequently; however, most of the essential apps work very well. Games crash frequently, but as this is a beta version, developers would fix this in the final build.


Coming to the point, should you install it? Well, after using it for a couple of days for testing we finally gave up on the Developer Preview. The frequent crashing of apps and random glitches in third-party apps have made us feel enough is enough. So, for now, we would not be recommending the installation of the Developer Preview.