News Corp columnists Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine went on a live radio battle after both of them talked about opinion polls. The conversation started in a normal way but it took an ugly turn by the end. The show reached a point where Bolt threatened Devine to hang up the call if she did not stop interrupting.

Australian politics has witnessed a surprising turn with Liberal-National Party’s Cory Bernardi set to announce his resignation and form a separate party, Australian Conservatives. His decision is based upon the difference of opinions with other leaders in the Coalition. The issue being the hottest event in the Aussie political scenario formed the main focus of the conversation between Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine on Price’s Macquarie Radio show.

Andrew Bolt vs. Miranda Devine: Excerpts

While Andrew Bolt is a firm supporter of Tony Abbott and critic of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Devine is vice-versa.  A slight hearted discussion was expected because of the difference in opinions between the host and the guest. But the scene created on the show was beyond expectation.

The radio programme went on an ugly direction as soon as Andrew Bolt and Miranda Devine started giving their views about opinion polls.  When Bolt mentioned opinion polls in the programme, Devine commented and said that he was mentioning the polls because the results seemed convenient to him. Bolt, however, told the host that she was “misinterpreting the role of polls”.

At one point, as already mentioned, Bolt threatened Devine that he would hang up the call if she continued to interrupt. “I know. For Christ sake, Miranda. If you give me a question I’ll answer it, and if you keep interrupting me I’m afraid I’m going to hang up,” Bolt said.

Bolt’s threat of hanging up the call made Devine remind him that they have to cooperate as they have five weeks to spend together. Bolt, on the other hand, described the time to be spent with Andrew Bolt as a “living hell.” He added that he tried to deal “nicely” with “every other fill-in except you”.

The show is hosted by Steve Price, who is currently competing for he competes on “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!”, according to The Daily Mail. The show airs every Monday at 8 pm. Devine is a regular presenter on Radio 2GB has taken up as the host of the show on behalf of Price.

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