Amy Schumer shared a kiss with her new boyfriend Ben Hanisch at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday night, thus making her relationship public. The new couple shared the passionate kiss when she was named the Best Actress in a Comedy for “Trainwreck.”

Schumer was also honoured with the MVP Award, which her “Trainwrek” director Judd Apatow joked that had been invented to persuade Schumer to attend the event. He also called the 34-year-old actress as “hysterical and bold and courageous, and the perfect comedian for this moment.”

Schumer has become the second actress to be named an MVP, following Jessica Chastain in 2015. As expected, she delivered a funny acceptance speech remembering everyone who has been a part of her journey over the years.

“I really do want to thank the critics and I mean it,” Schumer began her speech after introducing herself as “plus, plus size actress Amy Schumer,” Entertainment Tonight writes. She then went on to thank all the managers she had fired.

“I want to thank Guy Oseary and then the other managers that I’ve fired, Jimmy Miller, Itay Reiss, Derek Van Pelt. Thank you, but I thought I could make slightly more money with someone else and so I went to them.”

She also made fun of her famous photo where she posed semi-nude for the 2016 Pirelli Calendar. “This is where I get really brave,” Schumer explained with a touch of sarcasm in her words. “That’s what you want everybody to say when a naked photo of you goes viral, you want them to say: ‘What a brave photo.’ Like wow, thanks. Thank you.”

She ended her speech by talking about gun violence and also giving a shout out to her handsome boyfriend, Chicago-based furniture maker Hanisch. “We’re in love and that’s really exciting,” Schumer told People during her red carpet walk at the 2016 Golden Globes.