The variety of contestants to walk onstage at “America’s Got Talent” just got weirder as the crazy performance of a couple became too much to watch.

The bizarre act of Ryan Stock and AmberLynn left viewers feeling astonished and disgusted at the same time, Enstarz wrote. The couple looked like any other regular pair as they stood in front of the judges and the audience, although the man did sport a pair of flesh plugs. Simon Cowell took care of the niceties and chatted with them as they told their story.

“We’re a couple,” Stock told Cowell. “We met fifteen years ago at a festival, I was working as an entertainer and I found her dressed as a fairy, crying in an alley,” Stock added. He hired AmberLynn as an assistant and they’d been together since then. Their act is something that had yet to appear on the show, Stock revealed. To begin with, Stock asked AmberLynn to bring a pair of scissors to Howie Mandel who would assess their authenticity.

“You want the bald guy to ensure the scissors are real,” Mandel remarked as the audience laughed. At this point, Stock hinted that things were about to get “strange” and “gross.” Stock stuck the scissors up his nostril while talking nonstop throughout the act then he even made a cutting action. However, the worst was to come when he pulled out the scissors and licked off the snot.

“Don’t try that at home,” host Nick Cannon yelled at television audiences as he kept looking away from the stage. The daring duo gave what is likely the most disgusting act ever on “America’s Got Talent,” Ooyuz remarked. But they weren’t done yet as Stock took out a meat hook. Mel B turned her seat around and didn’t want to watch the act.

Heidi Klum hit the buzzer as it became too much for the supermodel to watch. However, it didn’t stop Stock from dangling himself by tying a rope around the hook. Although they did receive a standing ovation from Simon Cowell who might have enjoyed the “surprise factor” of their act, it was certainly a mind-blowing audition of a different kind. Stock later admitted that their performances weren’t always a hit with everyone.

“Our shows are very hit or miss,” he said. “You love it or you hate it. In Heidi’s case, she couldn’t even watch it so I guess she doesn’t even know if she loves it or hates it,” Stock said. We dare you to watch their act on “America’s Got Talent” without closing your eyes until the very end.