Heidi Klum taught Simon Cowell a lesson for his rude remark about her fashion sense on America’s Got Talent.

More often than not, Simon Cowell reserves his feisty comments for the hopefuls who brave America’s Got Talent stage. Yet, he might have gone too far this time. Although the fire department need not worry as Heidi Klum handled the heated row with Cowell brilliantly. The audience cheered the supermodel on as she picked up her cup and aimed it at her fellow judge. It looked as if Cowell had met his match, as the German beauty does not seem to be one who would back down from a fight.

The chaos came after the clowning trampoline act of 57-year-old Gary Sladek. His death-defying tower of chairs act won the judges over during the auditions. However, he brought a new act for part 2 of Judge Cuts on America’s Got Talent. Moreover, Sladek credited Klum for the changes they made based on her earlier advice.

Cowell clearly did not look impressed. He pressed the X buzzer within a few seconds after Sladek began bouncing on the trampoline. Yet the worst was still to come. The brothers took off their clothes to reveal matching ill-fitting evening dresses underneath. Although guest judge Reba McEntire seemed amused, Howie Mandell felt the need to press his X buzzer because of it.

Whether she inspired the outfits or the performance, her fellow judges blamed Klum for ruining the act. While she might have felt sorry for them, the German beauty was not about to take the blame for it. However, Cowell did not leave it at that.

“Look to be fair, she’s a model. By the way, Heidi, you’re a great model,” were the last words of Cowell before Klum handed him his lesson, Mail Online revealed. Stay tuned for more updates on America’s Got Talent when Louis Tomlinson joins as guest judge next week.

Watch Heidi Klum give Simon Cowell a lesson on America’s Got Talent.