The addition of Louis Tomlinson took America’s Got Talent 2016 to a completely different level.

The interest of viewers to watch the upcoming Judge Cuts on this season of the popular talent search competition is at an all-time high. Sources earlier revealed the appearance of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson on the show.

Hence, many became upset and worried at his absence during the first round. However, the long wait for his stint as guest judge ends on July 20, Wednesday. Here are five moments from Louis Tomlinson that would certainly heat up America’s Got Talent 2016.

The Accent

The English accent of Louis Tomlinson is loud and clear in the promotional clip for the second week of Judge Cuts. Hence, viewers could likely expect to hear it more throughout the two-hour show.

Killer smile

Then again, Tomlinson’s smile could already send viewers on a frenzy even before he opens his mouth. As seen in the video, the ladies in the audience were already on their feet as Nick Canon introduced their striking guest judge.

Judging Skills

No doubt, the popular reality show would test his judging skills, according to The Sun. However, Tomlinson does not seem fazed by the task ahead. In addition to his notable accent, the One Direction star seems to be a very able judge.

“You should be really proud of yourself,” he told one hopeful act.

His Optimism

In another sneak peek at Tomlinson’s time on the show, the One Direction star offered kind words of praise to one of the youngest acts of the season. Hence, Kathryn Lindsay of Yahoo Style already considered him the best judge ever to grace the reality show.

The Golden Buzzer

In addition to his presence, viewers are also eager to find out which act won Louis Tomlinson over to earn his golden buzzer. Hence, the anticipation for America’s Got Talent 2016 grows with each passing day until July 20.