The latest contestant to try his luck at “America’s Got Talent” got four yeses and even swept supermodel Heidi Klum off her feet.

Jon Call, also known as Jujimufu as he prefers to be called, shared his unique talent on “America’s Got Talent,” Enstarz reported. It seemed he had the “surprise factor” that Simon Cowell hoped to find on the show. Moreover, it didn’t seem to gross out Heidi Klum. Hence, the resounding approval he received from all the judges.

While Jujimufu might appear like the average body builder with his muscular physique, he was certainly lithe and creative on stage. His aerial acrobatics seemed to impress Klum who appeared to enjoy his stunts. Hence, he motioned for the supermodel to join him on stage. Klum possibly didn’t expect his next stunt to include her.

“When I signaled Heidi to come up on stage, picked her up threw her overhead then went into splits again, the crowd loved it,” Call said as he spoke about his mind-blowing audition on video.

“The heaviest I’ve ever pressed someone over the head in splits was an 185-lb guy, that’s really not as exciting as pressing a supermodel over your head into splits,” Call added. His over the top weightlifting act with an impressive split atop two chairs is somewhat reminiscent of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s chair split scene in “Bloodsport.

Jujimufu began his chair splits in 2015 and displayed this particular stunt last year in an Instagram post, Laughing Squid wrote. In the video, he does a chair split while carrying a 100-lb barbell. Prior to that, he’d also done chair splits carrying a 75-lb dumbbell and two plates with a combined weight of 50 lbs.

Jujimufu promised to get more creative in the future as he planned to do “something even more mind-blowing,” Enstarz wrote. “I’m gonna do something that they’ve never seen before again,” Call revealed. Watch Jujimufu flexing his muscles on “America’s Got Talent” here.