Gay, lesbian and transgender performers never won American Idol. However, they have won Grammys, Oscars and were chart toppers.

The first openly gay contestant in Season 1 of the show is Jim Verraros. He made it only as far as the Top 10.

In his online journal he was public about his sexual orientation, and requested an interview, says The Advocate

When it came to light, American Idol allegedly made Verraros delete the journal. The next year he came out to publicly comment that the show believed his sexual orientation would give an unfair advantage.

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These auditioners fell into the “queer end of the spectrum.”

The singing competition shows its first broadcast just a year before Massachusetts became the first state with marriage equality. During the end of the show, the entire country was given the first full year of marriage equality.

There is a belief that however the world has moved on from inside a dark box, American Idol remained trapped in a past, which it couldn’t shake.

In 15 years, American Idol has been an epitome of what America’s aspirations are. The show also said wanted does American from its culture for a decade and a half.

On one hand the show was about discovering unknown singing voices throughout the nation. But the real motive of the viewers, who used to tune in, was to watch somebody “stumble.”

Previous episodes of American Idol were constructed within a reality. There was a handpicking of the very best, who were to be placed side by side with the very worst.

The “worst”ones who showed up for auditions, only had hopes for stardom.

While continuing with a montage of “bad and more bad,” they would fast-forward through the early stages of auditions. In later seasons, the montages stretched for weeks and weeks.

The first audition ever seen on American Idol is someone who Simon Cowell calls “terrible.”

The show was mean to its contestants. There have been times when people showed up and made a scene. The judges seemed puzzled while trying to control the fame-seekers.

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The only thing that could make American Idol tremble was The Voice. In 2011, The Voice hit the airwaves, and it gained an audience while Idol stagnated. The first season of The Voice  had more LGBT contestants than Idol ever had.