American Horror Story, the American anthology horror television series has been a popular one. Created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the series has completed 5 seasons. It is said that some of its plot elements are loosely taken from true events. American Horror Story Season 6 is ready to unroll. If a few sources are to be believed, there is news of its being tied up with another series? What is that one? Has it revealed the connection? Let’s dig it out!

There are signs that American Horror Story (AHS) is going to get a bit too real. A few revelations from the series’ season 6, left the fans guessing it to be directly a colonial theme. Not just this, there are a few others who have spotted hints in AHS teasers which signal subtly that the new season will take account of a real-life modern horror story. The show extended even more proof that Season 6 may feature Charles Manson.

Ryan Murphy always wanted to do a Charles Manson-centric season. Even in 2013, to Deadline he said that Season 3 would focus on Manson who masterminded a brutal massacre which included actor Sharon Tate too. She was just a few weeks away from giving birth. However, he dropped the idea, citing the difficulties in getting rights. He did mention, “We might go back to the Manson thing in some regard one day.”

Now, the hints of AHS Season 6 teasers are evident to guess it is about Manson.  One of the teasers shows the word “pig.” The same word was written in Sharon Tate’s blood on the front door of the house where her body was discovered. Similarly, the poster of AHS Season 6, with spiders crawling out from the girl’s eyes is just not about the regular creepiness of the show. While Manson was put behind the bars, he turned to art and one his greatest muses was spider, describes Huffingtonpost.

Meanwhile, Charles Manson has become one of the most intriguing topics in television arena. A major reason behind is another real-life popular series, i.e. Murder Made Me Famous. The Season 2 of this series opened with the cult leader Charles Manson and his Manson Family ghastly crime cases.  Can we guess that there will be some connection between American Horror Story Season 6 and Murder Made Me Famous?

Well to know that, keep a close tab on the teasers of AHS, until it airs. American Horror Story season 6 premieres Sept. 14.