Did Lady Gaga give away the theme for American Horror Story season 6?

The anticipation for American Horror Story season 6 is high for fans of the popular TV series. It is due to the mystery that surrounds the story line of the sixth installment. A hint shared by creator Ryan Murphy early on raised their curiosity even more. He teased about its exciting theme and the involvement of  innocent children.

Consequently, theories based on his suggestion came up. One idea put forward a daycare as the setting for American Horror Story season 6. It even thought of the likely roles for the actors who are returning to the series. For instance, Angela Bassett takes care of snacks while Cheyenne Jackson puts the children to sleep at nap time. Interestingly, Lady Gaga is in charge of the whole operation.

Recently, the popular FX series released teasers for season 6. Soon after, Lady Gaga shared another trailer. The first trailer featured an out-of-the-way farmhouse. The second trailer showed a strange hanging mobile. The third trailer revealed hands coming up from the ground to grasp a girl’s feet. Conspicuously, the number 6 logo signifying the season appears in the trailers. The clips certainly highlighted the show’s trademark grisliness. Thus, it would whet the appetite of fans for more. However, it did not give away a lot of details. Hence, it raised more speculations about the theme. Entertainment Weekly cited a fan theory that is fast becoming popular among netizens.

“Season 6 will follow Michael, the devilish baby that Vivian (Connie Britton) gave birth to and Constance (Jessica Lange) ended up taking.” Murphy recently suggested a second theme. He did not reveal details about it although he teased it was something never seen on the show before. American Horror Story season 6 premieres September 14 on Fox at 10 pm.

Watch the teasers of American Horror Story season 6.