“American Horror Story” has been renewed for a sixth season only recently; however, show creator Ryan Murphy seems to be careless about the information he shares regarding the upcoming season of the show.

In a report by E! Online, Murphy was cited in saying that the cast are now quite knowledgeable about who they will be playing next season because he had too much to drink and therefore, blabbed on details to the cast. However, Murphy realizes the impact that his drunk revelations may have on the future of the series. The show creator was quoted by E! Online in saying:

“I’m going to regret it tomorrow, I think I said too much too soon.”

As to how “too much” he has revealed remains unknown. The cast are surely very supportive of Murphy since no spoilers about what he has said to the cast have surfaced yet.

However, Murphy being drunk may be an excusable act because the well-known show creator had a good reason for it.

According to Perez Hilton, Murphy was extremely proud of “American Horror Story: Hotel” actress Lady Gaga for bagging the Best Actress in a Limited Series award during the recently-held Golden Globes. In addition, the show creator was also very “thrilled” for the actress’ win.

Design & Trend relays Murphy’s statement as follows:

“The Golden Globes, you can never know what to expect with them. [But] I was just so thrilled for her because I think it’s something she’s wanted since she was a child, to be an actor.”

For Gaga’s part, she considers winning the Golden Globe as one of the greatest moments of her life.

The singer/actress beat actresses Kirsten Dunst, Queen Latifah, Sarah Hay, and Felicity Huffman for the award with her role in playing the Countess in the fifth season of “American Horror Story”.

For now, since members of the show’s cast are kind enough (to Murphy, at least) to keep their mouth shut, fans can do nothing but wait for the sixth season of the series which will premiere later this 2016.