District attorney Marcia Clark does not have a lot in common with “an untrustworthy medium.” Nor does she have much in common with “an emotionally unstable ghost” or “the protective headmistress” of a school for witches. And the real life prosecutor certainly is a far cry from “bickering conjoined twins” in a circus freak show. But Clark and these quirky sounding roles have all been played by one actress, Sarah Paulson. How is Paulson able to keep up?

According to Star Tribune, Paulson enjoys being asked to return each season as a “completely different” character. “From an acting standpoint, it’s the best gig in the world,” Paulson said. “I don’t have to come to work wearing the same outfit I did the season before…over the past five years, I have never been bored. And if audiences get bored with one character, maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll love me next year.”

“American Crime” is set to echo the format that “American Horror Story” follows. In the format, “a core group of performers” returns each season to play completely different characters and tackle a completely different story.

Paulson is set to join “American Crime” season 2. Season 2 will move on from the O.J. Simpson trial and “focus on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.” But her role in it has yet to be announced.

Meanwhile, according to Variety,  Ryan Murphy has also confirmed that Paulson is coming back for “American Horror Story” season 6. Lady Gaga has also been confirmed to return. The “Til It Happens to You” singer previously won an Emmy for her role in “American Horror Story: Hotel.” Paulson, meanwhile, has received three Emmy nominations for past “American Horror Story” seasons.

What role will Sarah Paulson play next season? Stay tuned for updates. Murphy has yet to announce next season’s title and setting.