American Horror Story Season 6 will premiere a month earlier this year. Fans only have to wait a few more weeks before the show returns on FX.  In spite of this, though, the network has not confirmed a theme for the coming season. The show’s producers themselves have been extra secretive about the show’s setting and details. However, did one of them slip? Did a leak from the set really reveal what horrors the series will explore next?

The hit show released several teasers on Instagram over the weekend. However, none of them really clued in fans about the show’s main theme for next season. A popular gossip site was able to get photos from the set, though. Can these photos also hold a hint to the Season 6 theme?

If TMZ’s leaked set photos prove reliable, the show will explore the infamous Roanoke mystery. What made fans jump to that conclusion? The photos from the site showed what looked like a colonial era farm. The telling clue, however, can be seen etched into one of the trees on set. What does the tree etching say? A single word: “CROATOAN.”

This particular word is central to the Roanoke mystery. Roanoke was a colony near the coast of North Carolina. In 1590, the entire colony died without explanation. According to legend, an elder used the word, “Croatoan,” to banish all the ghosts from that colony.

As Vanity Fair pointed out, the show has already introduced this lore back in the very first season. American Horror Story regular Sarah Paulson herself explained the myth. Her Season 1 character, the psychic Billie Dean, talked about it at length. Will the show’s next installment really circle back to this story? Will the show really take fans to North Carolina next season? No word as of yet to confirm this. Stay tuned for further updates.

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Can’t wait for American Horror Story Season 6? The show’s past installments all premiered in October. However, fans need not wait that long this year. The show will return on FX this coming September 14.