“American Horror Story” (AHS) will return with Season 6. Actors Angela Bassett and Cheyenne Jackson have been confirmed so far. Will Lady Gaga make a comeback in Season 6? It is highly likely, given that Ryan Murphy, the show’s co-creator, showered the Countess with so much praise. What’s more, even Bassett has dropped hints indicating the same.

“I hear, I think, perhaps that she’s out to return. She had a good time with us,” said Bassett according to Entertainment Weekly. Bassett, who was at Entertainment Weekly offices to promote her new movie, “London Has Fallen” also mentioned that it was exciting to work with Lady Gaga. “You knew she’d be a formidable force and foe and indeed she was,” she said.

Even co-creator Murphy had enjoyed working with Gaga on AHS Season 5. He told E!News that she was a pro on the set, even though AHS was her first acting break. He revealed that he had never met a performer more universally beloved by the cast and the crew on set. Rumours have been making rounds that Gaga too is keen to return to AHS in some capacity. Given the appreciation and mutual desire to work together, one would assume that the contracts are signed already. However there is no deal in place as yet.

Fans and industry insiders have started speculating about the story line for Season 6 though. ANN reported that rumours point to the next season focusing on the mythical internet horror, Slender Man. If this is true, then Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett will be portraying the roles of mothers of two of the girls stabbed by the mythical man. Cheyenne Jackson may play either a cop, or Slenderman himself, reveals Inquistr.

In addition to Lady Gaga, ANN reported that fans are rooting for their other favourite characters to make a comeback namely Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Mare Winningham, Emma Roberts, and Evan Peters.