Fans looking forward to “American Horror Story” season 6 continue to be hopeful and vocal about who they want to see back on the show.

Early on, creator Ryan Murphy revealed his desire to bring back Lady Gaga following her award-winning performance.

The Gaga camp has yet to make an official announcement about it. In an earlier report, E News revealed that “she wants to return in some capacity next year but no deal is in place.”

Aside from Lady Gaga, the show’s fanbase also hope to see other “American Horror Story” alums make a comeback.

1. Jessica Lange
Fashion & Style revealed the actor is on Murphy’s list of alums whom he wants back for season 6. Lange left the series after season 4 to spend more time with her family.

Lange played Constance Langdon who was the central character in previous seasons.

2. Frances Conroy
Conroy appeared in four seasons of the “American Horror Story” 1 (Moira O’Hara), 2 (Angel of Death), 3 (Myrtle Snow), and 4 (Gloria Mott).

There is no word to date about her returning for season 6. However, Fashion & Style noted fans are eager to get the veteran actor back on the show.

3. Mare Winningham
Fashion & Style also revealed Winningham as another fan favourite following her hit performance as Ms. Evers. The website stated the actor is not linked to any TV project now.

4. Emma Roberts
Roberts didn’t get to appear in season 5 due to her other commitments at the time, Yahoo Celebrity reported. However, the actor revealed she, “Ryan and I said next season we’ll do something amazing and devilish”.

Roberts appeared in seasons 3 (Madison Montgomery) and 4 (Maggie Esmeralda).

5. Evan Peters
In an interview with Variety, Peters hinted early on at the type of character he’d like to play for a future season, “Maybe some kind of handicapped [character] or something.” Peters added, “That’d be interesting to try to challenge myself to play.”

Peters appeared in every season of the show to date.

The official revelation of details for the upcoming season comes out in March. However, rumours about the focus for season 6 flourish. Many speculate it is about the Slender Man while others theorize it will feature a horrific cruise ship.