The excitement of fans for American Horror Story Season 6 grows with every teaser dropped. However, fear might replace their thrill if the latest theory about the show turns out to be true.

Anticipation remains high for American Horror Story Season 6 despite its cryptic teasers to date. Show creator Ryan Murphy is intent on keeping the theme a mystery until the premiere. Thus, the patience of fans albeit their annoyance would likely pay off once the series starts on September 14. Then again, diligent fans seemed to have worked out several clues from the teasers. Their deductions would suggest several possible themes. Taking a cue from the word “pig,” fans surmised a Charles Manson-centric season. Murphy hinted at the idea back in 2013.

Yet another clue suggested a return to a previous theme introduced earlier in Season 1. Fans concluded from set photos a connection to the Roanoke mystery due to the word “CROATOAN.” It brought to mind the psychic Billie Dean introduced early on portrayed by Sarah Paulson. Thus, has the American Horror Story come full circle? This idea might indicate a connection throughout the series. Yet would it assemble the pieces to explain the whole puzzle? Or is Season 6 the most shocking to date?

Then again, is the throwback pitch an attempt to regain viewership ratings? Movie Pilot noted the decline in AHS’ viewership numbers last year owing to the departure of Jessica Lange. The series star bid goodbye after four seasons. Moreover, the 67-year-old actress made it clear she would not return. Lady Gaga stepped in as the main lead. Mother Monster’s performance received positive feedback and earned her a Golden Globe win. Yet could the whole frenzy be a ploy by series creators to fuel interest in American Horror Story Season 6?

Do you think American Horror Story Season 6 is the last?