“American Horror Story” fans are still awaiting details on the show’s upcoming season this fall. Although producers refuse to drop hints on the show’s plot and characters, one theory speculates that the show might feature a “horrific cruise ship.”

As mentioned on Pop Sugar, two theories among the nine listed on the site refers to the show being filmed at sea. These theories are namely: “Cruise Ship” and “Ship Wreck.” The site mentioned that several things could go wrong if “the ship lost connection to dry land.”

The site wrote,

“There are plenty of ways to make a cruise ship horrific. What if the whole crew was secretly evil? What if there was a serial killer on board?”

Pop Sugar noted that the characters will have to deal with serial killers, sea monsters, native dwellers or even the crew on board. One thing’s for sure: if they would get stuck in a ship or a deserted island, it’s impossible to get help.

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that “American Horror Story” will now be set in two time periods. It’s set in the present but “echoes of the past” will mix in, FX boss John Landgraf teased on TV Line. The FX boss refused to drop further details because Ryan Murphy would “kill him.”

Earlier this month, Murphy told E! News that he already informed the cast about their roles in the upcoming season. The show’s creator revealed such because he “had too much to drink.”

“I’m going to regret it tomorrow, I think I said too much too soon,” Murphy admitted.

In another report on Pop Sugar, actress Chloë Sevigny was reported to be back for the show’s 6th season. Although her return is unconfirmed, Savigny expressed her excitement to return.

“I think so. I think I have a pretty good relationship with everybody over there, and if they ask me back, it depends on what they’re doing and all that, but it’s great. It’s really fun. I love it,” Sevigny said.