“American Horror Story” has been renewed for a sixth season. What could the next installment possibly be about?

According to Pop Sugar, this might mean “another year of fresh, scarring horror for fans.” However, as Cinema Blend points out, the producers of the once hit show need to work double time “to round everybody up.” The most recent season, “Hotel,” started out as “a ratings success.” However, the show’s ratings “steadily dropped to pretty dismal levels,” Cinema Blend reported.

What do we know about season 6 so far? FX has not confirmed when the next season will debut. It has not even confirmed if filming has begun. However, Cinema Blend points out, the past five seasons have all premiered in October. “So that’s undoubtedly when we’re going to see the next one,” the film site said.

Where could the next season of AHS be set? The setting of each past season also served as that season’s central subject matter. Cinema Blend said there is no word as of yet as to the exact setting of season 6. However, AHS creator Ryan Murphy did leave a clue earlier. He said the next season will be “darker and less opulent” than “Hotel.”

We’ve already seen everything from a “giant ghost-filled house” to “a hotel full of monstrous abominations.” Where could Murphy and his team taking us this time? Pop Sugar has some pretty bizarre but plausible suggestions. Can “American Horror Story: Space” be in the works?

According to Cinema Blend, no actors have confirmed their involvement in the next season. However, Lady Gaga is reportedly in talks to return. Sarah Paulson, Denis O’Hare and Evan Peters are also likely to return, the film site said.

What will the next season of “American Horror Story” have in store for fans? Stay tuned for updates.