Everyone loves a good mystery. Moreover, stories about family secrets are of great interest, hence the clamor for American Gothic Season 2.

September 7 marks the end of American Gothic Season 1. The two-hour finale rounds out the initial run of the latest CBS drama about the prominent Hawthorne family. Their discovery of skeletons in the family closet takes viewers on a mysterious and thrilling chase to uncover the truth.

To date, news of a second season has yet to drop. However, showrunner Corinne Brinkerhoff is optimistic about its likelihood. As it turns out, her original pitch to CBS about the serial killer drama is intended to have several seasons. Each season would explore the same theme. However, it would feature different settings, families and mysteries.

Optimism for American Gothic Season 2

“… when I pitched it, it was that the first five or six seasons would be the same general idea, but each season would be a different family, different setting, different mystery. So it will explore similar themes and be very character-based. That’s the creative ideal for all of us … the same universe, same playground, but to completely reinvent the family and the story, which we can do over and over again,” Brinkerhoff told The Wrap in an interview last June. Thus, viewers can likely look forward to an American Gothic Season 2. Moreover, it promises to explore yet another mystery.

Interestingly, the showrunner of the serial killer drama Corinne Brinkerhoff is also part of Jane The Virgin. Apparently, she wrote the script for American Gothic in January last 2015 while working on the dramedy series.
During the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, Brinkerhoff revealed they placed clues throughout the episodes leading to the killer’s identity.

Thus, some viewers might have an idea of who it is. Entertainment Weekly surmised school teacher Tessa could be it. The publication ruled out Jack, since he was not alive then. Actress Megan Ketch seemed to support the conclusion yet did not confirm outright what she knew. She did hint at a conclusion likely to please everyone.

A Sneak Peek at the American Gothic Finale