Christie Prody, the former girlfriend of O.J. Simpson, reveals that the athlete confessed murdering Nicole Brown Simpson (his former wife) and Ron Goldman. Prody now lives in fear. Simpson will be let out of jail soon. Hence, Prody fears she will end up murdered like Brown.

Prody, who uncannily looks similar to Brown, began a relationship with Simpson in 1995 – a year after Simpson’s former wife and a friend were brutally stabbed to death.

According to Radar Online, Prody said in an interview that Simpson provided her with explicit details of the murders while he was high from a “cocaine binge marathon”.

Prody claims Simpson confessed murdering Brown and Goldman. She continued to explain how Simpson blamed the deaths on two men. While he maniacally acted the scenes out, he would describe himself in the third person. “O.J did this…O.J did that”.

“OJ did this…OJ did that,” she quoted him as saying. Prody then revealed Simpson reminiscing how Goldman reacted after seeing Brown’s blood all over the steps. He described the victim to have been “slumped over with his eyes open”.

These chilling details shared by Prody are details that only a witness to the murders or the murderer would be able to recall, according to The Inquisitor makes that same conclusion.

“OJ killed Nicole. All during the course of our relationship, O.J was confessing by telling me details only the killer would know,” she said.

The site also mentions Prody sharing details of her relationship with Simpson. Apart from the cocaine marathons, Prody also insinuated Simpson was violent and abusive. She recalled a time her face was badly beaten up and friends were concerned. Prody claims, “My worst fear is that I will end up like Nicole — killed by O.J. because he can’t let go!”

Prody claims, “My worst fear is that I will end up like Nicole — killed by O.J. because he can’t let go!”

Due to FX’s miniseries “The People v. O.J Simpson”, the famous murder trial has entered the spotlight again. Emotions and details are re-emerging. Could Prody hold the truth the people have been searching for all these years?