American Crime Season 3 will feature familiar faces. One such face is Felicity Huffman! Variety reports Felicity will play a new character once again. Though scarce, producers and the network has revealed some American Crime Season 3 spoilers.

The critically acclaimed series picked up 10 Emmy nominations in its first year. Regina King won an Emmy for her role in the first season while Felicity picked up another nomination.

Felicity Huffman can look forward to another nomination at the Emmy Awards this year.

Felicity has worn brown contact lenses and dyed her hair dark away from her natural blonde. Felicity has committed herself to the characters she portrayed in the anthology series. Coming off her Desperate Housewives stint for which she won an Emmy, Felicity has admitted she wanted to veer away from the character.

“I wanted to do the brown contacts because I just wanted to help the audience, in almost an unconscious way, separate from things I’d done before. I didn’t want them to be, “Oh, there’s (Huffman’s Desperate Housewives character) Lynette as a cop, and there’s Lynette as a doctor, and there’s Lynette in American Crime,” Huffman reveals to Deadline.

Deadline further reports the new season will deal with “labor issues, economic divides and individual rights.”

Award-winning American Crime has seen seasons 1 and 2 deal with race issues, social class and homophobia.

“There a huge disparity in this country that we can tap into, which is that people who are working very, very hard can barely put food on the table while there are many millionaires and billionaires being tapped into the politics as you can see. I think that’s is something we would like to explore, the vast differences of how Americans live,” producer Michael McDonald hinted about the upcoming season.

ABC, meanwhile, has said American Crime season 3 will follow its original format. Viewers can expect “a new crime committed in a different setting, as told through the eyes of those affected.”

American Crime season 3 is set in North Carolina. Filming will start in Los Angeles with an added bonus of a California tax credit, Game N Guide reports. However, ABC has not released a premiere date for American Crime season 3 yet. Stay updated with American Crime Season 3 spoilers here.