Amazon has a new line of Kindle e-book readers set to be released this week, but the device’s specs have already leaked out. Based on Amazon’s Japanese website, the new Kindle is going to be called the Kindle Oasis.

Amazon’s Tmall page, which was established in 2015, also contain some leaked images of the Kindle Oasis. Based on these sources, the new Kindle’s most impressive feature is its battery life.

It seems that the company is also announcing a new rechargeable battery case, allowing the Oasis to last for a long time. Apparently, the Kindle can last for up to 20 months thanks to the new case. The new case is made of genuine leather and attaches to the Kindle with magnets and comes in three colours.

Kindle Oasis

Leaked Kindle Oasis photo. From Amazon China

Amazon has developed a new software feature called a dual-battery system. So when charging it, the Kindle’s internal battery will charge at the same time as the case. When in use, the Oasis will consume the detachable case’s battery before using up its internal battery.

Other specifications include its lighter weight. Amazon’s new Kindle weighs 131 grammes, which the company claims to be 20 percent lighter than previous models and about 27 percent lighter than the Kindle Voyage, which weighs 180 grammes. It will be 3.4 millimetres at its thinnest and 8.5 millimetres at its thickest.

The Kindle Oasis also has a 300ppi screen, which is on a par with the Kindle Voyage relative to text clarity and sharpness. However, the Oasis contains more LED inside, an addition of 60 percent LED to be exact, giving users a more uniform backlighting to make the reading experience in the dark better.

Many may speculate that the Kindle Oasis could be waterproof or water-resistant mainly due to its name, which can allow users to use the device almost anywhere. However, despite its name, the new Kindle will not be waterproof or at least water-resistant, which could disappoint many users.