“Amazing Race Asia” Season 5 recently announced the complete details for contestants who want to join the world’s most popular race reality TV show.

Rappler stated the basic requirements the production want for their next set of contestants who will be in pairs.

They said that pairs should at least be 21 years of age, Asian residents and should be fit both physically and mentally.

Aside from these, pairs should possess an “outgoing, adventurous and socially savvy” personalities, and at least one of them should know how to drive a car.

They also specified that the contestants should have the willingness to travel around the world to numerous locations for around 20 to 35 days to start sometime in August until October this year.

Business World Online reported that interested contestants should fill out the application form provided by AXN and should be submitted with their audition video of up to three minutes.

AXN also provided tips for the next batch of contestants, which can be found in their official website, as well as the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the race. For those who are interested to join,  click here to apply and fill out the form.

If the pairs opt for walk-in auditions, The Sun Daily reported that they can go to LG1 Pyramid Concourse, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia from June 4 to 5, 12 noon to 6 pm.

With driving concerns, one of the pairs should have an international driver’s license and both of them should be able to speak English fluently with valid passport.

Virginia Lim, Vice President and Head of Content and Marketing, said, “The Amazing Race Asia takes viewers on the world’s most thrilling adventure, where drama, surprise and intensity all collide in a highly dramatic edge-of-your-seat experience.”

She added, “We’re seeking dynamic teams who embody the AXN attitude that is smart, tenacious, determined and strong. A passion for social media is also a key requirement as contestants will be engaging with AXN’s viewers and sharing their heart-pumping experiences throughout the race.”

“Amazing Race Asia” will debut in late 2016 with 10 teams to be chosen from different countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

The teams will have to compete against each other to win US$100,000, which is approximately A$138,000.