The duo of the Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link talk about how different contestants go out of their way to study patterns of a game show to get to the cash top. The video has now gone viral. It has attracted more than 3.5 million views within four days of it being published.

In the British version of “Who wants to be a millionaire” aired in 2001, a hot seat contestant named Charles Ingram, who was also a former major in the British Army, became a millionaire, only to lose his fortune within weeks of gaining it. So here’s how it happened. He was helped by his wife who was sitting in the audience and a contestant named Tecwen Whittock waiting in the wings. The video footage showed how his wife and Techwen coughed “no” to help him out.

Since then he was known as the “coughing major.” This episode was never aired originally but was documented as “Millionaire: A Major Fraud”in 2003 by Celador Productions.

The video has generated hilarious responses such as, “cough cheater cough,” “I’ve had a cough all week. you’re welcome” and “I would really like your videos if you both talked about 95% less.”

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Next, the show comes up is “Press your luck” aired during the 80’s. Here, an ice-cream truck driver named Michael Larson had been studying the billboard for an extensive period of time and figured out that there two squares where whammy never showed up on. Oh boy and he had stopped it all at the correct boxes for 45 times. However, money did not bring him luck as he lost all his money on a Christmas eve. Now think of that misfortune.

Though this features at this show of Amazing game show cheaters, he was not accused of cheating and our viewers too agree to that. Read out the comments for more.

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Not only cheating or studying could get people to the top, but one also needs luck for that. The next show, Rhett and Link talk about is The Price is Right,” a contestant named Terry Kniess, won the double showcase with a sum of $74738.63. The video shows Kneiss being accompanied by his wife while guessing the prices. What they both did prior coming to the show was to  review the prices of the products every single night and mug them up. So it is as simple as it can get. 

Hence, if you’re willing to win a game show, you should be willing to study the patterns over and over again.