The Amanda Carter murder case has taken another turn with former fiancé Ricardo Dasilva sentenced to 18 years of jail term.

The 66-year-old real estate agent from NSW Central Coast entered Carter’s home and murdered her in May 2010, the court heard. Carter was a teacher by profession and the cause of her death was allegedly their broken relationship.  Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison called the attack on Carter as “frenzied.”

According to what the court heard, Dasilva had beaten the woman “ferociously” to such an extent that her face wasn’t even recognizable. When Carter’s daughter recovered her body, she was shocked to see the condition. The court stated that the guilty won’t be allowed parole until 2031.

Carter’s children, Jamie and Shaun Carter, read a statement during the court hearing on Thursday where they described their emotions about missing their mother. “Mum always wanted to be called grandmama when she became a grandparent,” the Daily Telegraph quoted the statement. “Mum will also miss being able to form a bond with and watch her grandchildren grow.”

Dasilva, according to the ABC, has already indicated his desire to appeal against his conviction. The jury heard during the four-week trial that the convict was upset because of his broken relationship with Carter as she moved on after finding out about an alleged affair of Dasilva with someone else. Carter told her friends about Dasilva showing up at her place uninvited all the time.

According to the court’s statement, the convict stalked and harassed her as well as delivered letters to her school and to the media ahead of murdering her. Justice Harrison said that the convict did not show any “remorse” and the proofs indicated his “strong and pathological views” a few days before attacking Carter.

Jamie said that Carter missed being called grandmama as she did not see her first grandchild born in 2015.