Western Sydney University has conducted “The Alternative Australian Flag Survey” that has suggested people’s opinion on one of the most sensitive issues of transformation of the Australian flag.

The university’s Benjamin Jones has initiated the research to discover the opinions and attitudes of the public towards the Australian flag. He feels that the nation sticks to its colonial past in the form of its flag. Hence, he thought it was time to transform their national pride.

Jones stated that he feels that the present Australian flag is unable to represent a free and independent nature of the country. Instead, it represented the period of 1900s when the British dominated the nation which lacked the “thriving, vibrant and multicultural” nature of the country that it enjoys at the moment.

In the survey, Australians are given a chance to vote on six alternative flag designs to choose from as their national flag. The options include a wattle emblem, a reconciliation flag, as well as the southern cross without the union jack.

“The alternative Australian flag survey was inspired somewhat by the New Zealand government’s flag referendum. They had a full democratic process which is something Australia never had,” Jones said in a statement.

On the other hand, Australian Monarchist League’s Philip Benwell said that the present Australian flag represented Australia’s history and hence it meant a lot for people. “The flag means a lot to people, particularly those who have fought under the flag and to many Australians who value the flag. It represents our country, our system of government and virtually everything that we are,” he added as quoted by SBS.

Jones criticised the methods of survey conducted earlier. He said that this time, the survey is a democratic one as it allows people to vote for the flag they want their country to be represented by.