The World Science Festival which opened in Brisbane on March 9 is at its full swing. The event includes the greatest scientific minds from all over the globe.

String theorist and author Brian Greene, who has worked extensively to communicate scientific theories eloquently to the public, will talk about Einstein’s work to the general public, states Brisbane Times. Josh Richards, a comedian, engineer and scientist who wants to be among the first people to colonise Mars on the Mars One mission, will also be present at the event. “Science and comedy are two dancing partners. Science is a tool for us to learn more about the universe, and comedy is a great way for people to latch on to those ideas,” he told ABC.

At the weekend, Street Science! will lead the South Brisbane as kids will learn about palaeontology, zookeeping and forensic science, create mini-explosions in their quest to discover atomic theory and try to solve ocean pollution.

Dancing robots, drones, magic mud and underwater soundscapes will fill the Southbank’s Cultural Forecourt over Saturday and Sunday.

The Moral Maths of Robots will explore the ethical questions around rapidly advancing robotic technology, reports Brisbane Times.

Queensland Museum’s director and network chief executive, Suzanne Miller, said to ABC the program would deliver an exciting mix of day and evening activities.

“The festival will showcase the very best science and scientists from around the globe through an incredible array of events where there will truly be something for everyone,” Professor Miller said.

This the first time, a five-day festival is held at a place other than New York.  This is a free event open for all.

“We want people thinking about science, talking about science and getting inspired by science,” Miller added.

The World Science Festival, which began in 2008 to celebrate the exploration of science, is a production of the World Science Foundation. World Science Festival aims to cater to all ages, with outdoor cinemas and free kids’ movies, and discussions and debates held by world scientific experts.