A French restaurant owner has been asked to apologise to two Muslim women whom he refused to serve food only because of his “racist” mentality.

Jean-Baptiste Devreux addressed the two women as “terrorists” and also insulted them while asking them to get out of his restaurant located in the north-eastern suburb of Paris. The apology came following a detailed investigation on the matter that occurred on Saturday evening in Tremblay-en-France involving the proprietor of Le Cenacle.

One of the two women captured the whole incident and posted the video online, in which the voices of the people involved were audible. In the footage, one of the women said that she did not like to be served by a man having a racist mentality.

“Racists like me don’t plant bombs and don’t kill people,” the owner replied to the comments of the Muslim woman. “Terrorists are Muslim and all Muslims are terrorists. I don’t want people like you in my place. Now that you know, you can get out,” he added.

As soon as the video went viral, it invited outrageous responses both from the general public as well as the concerned authorities. After watching the video, the local prosecutor’s office in Bobigny’s suburb asked for a transparent investigation on the matter. French Council of the Muslim Faith’s President Anouar Kbibech expressed his “indignation” over the incident.


YouTube/On The Market Blog

The public called for the boycott of his restaurant after the negative reviews about his establishment on social media. As a result, he apologized on Sunday for his behavior and blamed France terror attacks for his attitude.

“I freaked out,” Devreux said as quoted by 9News. “I spoke out of turn and I apologize. I have a friend who died in the Bataclan attacks and wrongly mixed everything up. I do not truly believe the things I said. My comments did not reflect what I really think.”

Women Rights Minister Laurence Rossignol announced on Sunday that she had requested the government to initiate a fight against racism and take proper action against the restaurant owner. Tremblay-en-France Mayor Francois Asensi also expressed his disappointment on the Devreux’s behavior.