Here is your chance to save the World from an alien invasion. If reports are to be believed, the latest co-op action role-playing game will transform you into a “ruthless alien killing machine.”

Alienation was released on the Playstation 4 consoles today. According to the Kotaku reports, Housemarque has developed an “alien murder simulator” through the game. Apart from being a gorgeous “spiritual successor” to Dead Nation,  you can pick your unique character class and destroy everything on screen.

Tommaso De Benetti from Housemarque took to the official PlayStation blog to confirm the details of the game. He writes, “We and Sony XDev have been working hard to make this the best game we ever released together. Alienation is not only a testament to the raw power of PS4, but also an important milestone for the arcade games of the future.

“Fans of Dead Nation will find the same ruthless gunfights and the overwhelming tide of enemies they loved to hate in our zombie title — with a boost: there’s no place to hide or escape; only skill and planning can get you out of the carnage in one piece!

Alienation features three customisable classes, four-player drop-in/drop-out online multiplayer (But you can play solo!), a bunch of game-changing active and passive abilities, loot of various rarity, XP and character levelling, an Invasion mode where you hunt other players down or defend from invaders, configurable weapons and gear, and much more.”

Kotaku  released a 22-minute footage of “How a mission in Alienation plays out”.

Here are some key details.

Key features

  • Three classes, each with individual attacks and abilities – the Tank, the Bio-Specialist and the Saboteur
  • Online multiplayer: co-op and PvP
  • A brand new loot system: kill enemies for drops, find and upgrade the coolest weapons and gears for a truly custom play style
  • RPG-lite progression: gain experience and advance the world state
  • Enjoy a full campaign, challenges and procedurally generated levels
  • Realistic fluid tech, badass explosions and the biggest, most colorful game world we ever pulled off

Alienation features unique online multiplayer options:

  • Co-op squads include up to 4 players
  • Drop in/drop out gameplay: get right into the action!
  • Invasion: hunt down other players, or defend yourself from vicious headhunters
  • Online leaderboards for country rankings and all modes

Alienation Arsenal

  • Weapons and gear have different rarity levels
  • “Cores” allow you to customise your weapon and gear, and even unlock special perks
  • The metals you collect during the game can be used to change the basic stats of all loot