Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, who was in Sydney over the weekend, had reportedly organized a meeting to promote her anti-vaccination ‘Kind Life’ blog. The actress, who was on a holiday in Australia with her family, had sent out an email invitation to all the supporters of her blog. 

The email invitation read, “We are trying to organize a kind life meet up so Alicia Silverstone can connect in person with you all. We’d like to keep it low key so please refrain from spreading the word, but if you have a vegan friend who you think would be interested in meeting other veg heads or want to bring your kids, that’s totally fine”. According to Daily Telegraph, only eight people attended the campaign meet at Sydney’s waterfront Steyne Park in Double Bay.

The meeting was kept low-profile and the guests who attended the do, “were mostly vegetarian or vegan and were interested in Silverstone’s work, her books The Kind Mama and The Kind Life and her blog”. Journalist and author Katrina Fox, who was a part of the meeting, told, “It was very generous and kind of her. She’s on holiday and not working, so it was very kind of her to meet with her followers”.

On the other hand, Pro-vax campaigner Catherine Hughes ignored Alicia Silverstone’s preaching. Hughes, who reportedly lost her baby to whooping cough, urged pregnant women to consult their health care providers. “I really urge women, in particular pregnant women, to chat to their health care provider”, Hughes told the press.

Alicia Silverstone has long been an active and outspoken vegan and advocate for living “eco-friendly.” The actress believes, vaccines given to pregnant women could be linked to autism while meat, dairy and sugar are toxic to expectant mothers. Her book “The Kind Mama” is believed to be “an authoritative, one-stop guide that empowers women to trust their instincts” while also providing them a warning against usage of tampons and vaccines.