With only a day left before Alden Richards and Cindy’s wedding, fans are asking: is all hope lost for the AlDub tandem?

Today’s episode opened with Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) filling a luggage with clothes. Lola Nidora (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola) and Tidora (played by Filipino actor Paolo Ballesteros) reminisced moments from the past while Yaya Dub was busy packing. The two grandmothers requested Yaya Dub to do a dubsmash performance but she refused.

A car honking sounded on the set. Alden’s bride-to-be Cindy arrived looking for Frankie Arinola (played by Filipino actor Jose Manalo). She told the grandmothers that she is supposed to meet Frankie who will introduce Filipino street food to her. She revealed that she likes Frankie but she still has to marry Alden.

Lola Nidora told Cindy that she must be certain in marrying Alden. When Cindy brought up that divorce is possible, Lola reminded her that marriage is sacred.

Another honking sound was heard. This time, it was Frankie who arrived. He gave Cindy a bouquet of flowers and street food isaw (barbecued chicken intestines). When he asked Yaya Dub if she likes to eat some, Yaya had no reaction although everyone knows that it is one of her favorite food.

Shortly after Frankie’s arrival, a sound of a honking  car interrupted their conversations. It was Alden who came rushing towards the house. AlDub then exchanged “dubsmash” performances to sad love songs.

Alden asked Yaya Dub to talk to him but she tried to ignore him.

AlDub was at the height of a dramatic exchange when Frankie said that he has a solution. He mentioned that he will instead marry Cindy. Cindy insisted that it’s too late to call off the wedding and Lola Baba (Alden’s grandmother) will be angry.

Despite being together, AlDub looked miserable. Yaya Dub broke the silence as she performed a “dubsmash” goodbye song. The pair cried as they exchanged “dubsmash” performances.

Alden tried to hold Yaya’s hand but she kept refusing his gesture. He said that he’s willing to fight for them. Then, he asked her the real reason why Yaya is leaving him. Yaya refused to answer and turned away. Alden hugged her as both of them cried.

He demanded the truth from Yaya Dub. He asked, “Should I stop waiting?” He assured her that once she says “no,” he would stop bothering her.

Yaya Dub hugged him before saying that she’s letting him go. She thanked him for his sacrifices and wished him well. Alden hugged her again and thanked her before he left. Both felt hopeless and kept on crying.

Is this the end of AlDub? What will happen now in the “Kalye Serye?”