Fans and viewers of the phenomenal AlDub were definitely shocked after today’s episode. The “Kalye Serye” left another mystery at the end of today’s episode.

The latest episode opened with the two grandmothers Tinidora (played by Filipino actor Jose Manalo) and Tidora (played by Filipino actor Paolo Ballesteros) busy learning proper ways to put make-up on their faces. Lola Nidora (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola) later joined the two.

A honking car was heard on the set. A guest character appeared and delivered a letter to the sisters. According to Tidora, it was the messenger of Tiya Bebeng (Aunt Bebeng) who took care of Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) when she stayed in the province.

Lola Nidora read the letter which revealed Tiya Bebeng’s message to them. According to their aunt, she can’t wait to see them. When Yaya Dub paid her a visit, she admitted that she reminisced the early days with the grandmothers.

Tiya Bebeng told them that she would visit them soon. However, she gave them several reminders. The letter read that there should be no ugly person and no dust in the surroundings. She revealed that she doesn’t like to see those wearing short dresses, thick make-up, and with inappropriate gestures. During her visit, she said that there should be no loud-playing radio and  telephones. She prohibited talking to boys, suitors and acting pabebe (trying to look cute).

When Lola Nidora asked Yaya’s whereabouts, Yaya Dub appeared on the set and gave Lola Nidora her medicine. She asked Tidora to also fix her make-up.

Alden Richards then surprised Yaya Dub on the other screen. He immediately asked Yaya Dub if she was okay. AlDub had a duet “dubsmash” where they used a compilation of Lola Nidora’s famous lines.

Lola Nidora questioned them if they have a problem with her. Of course, Alden denied there’s none.

AlDub continued with their “dubsmash” performances. Yaya Dub encouraged Alden that they should join the contest on “Eat Bulaga” this coming Saturday. She told him that they should begin their practice.

Upon hearing Yaya Dub’s intention to join, the grandmothers seemed problematic. Tiya Bebeng would visit them on the day of the contest. While they thought of ways to support Yaya Dub, they soon realized that Yaya was not with them.

The grandmothers turned to Alden and asked if Yaya Dub is with him for the practice. Alden looked for her but there was no sign of Yaya Dub.

Lola Nidora shouted, “Yaya!” then a loud sound signalled the end of the episode.

Where is Yaya Dub and what happened to her?