For fans and avid followers of the phenomenal AlDub, every episode on “Kalye Serye” feels like Valentine’s Day because of the chemistry between Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza).

This October 29th would be the fifteenth week of AlDub and we’re giving you a trip down memory lane to reminisce some of their sweetest moments.

1. AlDub’s First Meeting

Yaya Dub was a newbie on the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” when they saw a potential for AlDub. On July 16, Yaya Dub was performing a “dubsmash” when the camera closed up on Filipino actor Alden Richards. She got distracted but kept on smiling and waving at the actor.

2. AlDub First Date

Despite the missed chances of meeting personally, AlDub had their first date on September 19. It was tough because they had to answer the grandmothers’ questions and go through a maze. Nonetheless, it was a success for them!

3. When Alden visited the Mansion

When Lola Nidora (played by Filipino actor Wally Bayola) agreed to Alden’s visit to their mansion, Alden did  everything not to waste all opportunities to get to know Yaya Dub. Remember when Yaya Dub had a little trouble swallowing her food? Yes, Alden gave her water and held her hands.

They also had their first photo together.

Our first picture together. 😃

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4. AlDub Almost Kissed in a TVC

The AlDub phenomenon was instantly picked up by big companies. Fans and viewers saw them “almost kiss” in one of their first television commercials.

5. AlDub First On-air Conversation

During their third month, Yaya Dub was missing in the episode. Nonetheless, the two celebrated their monthsary through a sweet conversation which was heard on-air. Viewers also heard them sing together! When the line was cut off, Alden admitted that he misses Yaya Dub.

6. Their “Dubsmash” Duet

During the earlier months, Lola Nidora expressed her disagreement on their relationship. However, in the episode last October 21, Lola Nidora was the one who asked for a duet “dubsmash” from AlDub.

7. Alden’s Confession to Yaya Dub

In a recent episode, Yaya Dub was seen having dirty marks on her face. When Alden saw her, he tried to wipe the dirt off her face and said that she would always be beautiful to him. He even admitted that he would kiss her even if she had bad breath.

8. AlDub Hug

Although the much-awaited live kiss did not happen at the event, “Sa Tamang Panahon” (At the Right Time), the two did not disappoint their fans when they tightly hugged each other. Both admit that the event brought them closer.