Is AlDub destined to be together? A recent interview of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) revealed that the hit tandem had already met five years ago, even before they became the dynamic duo, AlDub.

In a video posted on an AlDub fan page, Alden and Maine were being interviewed on Philippine TV news show, “24 Oras”, when Maine was asked about a throwback photo featuring her and Alden circulating the web.

Speaking on air, the Kalye Serye star admitted that it was indeed her. She mentioned that the photo was taken during an event called Candy Fair back in 2010. The event featured gorgeous-looking guys, and teenage girls can get a photo-op with them.

Maine Mendoza revealed her real intention for attending the event. She wanted to have her photo taken with her celebrity crush. Although she refused to disclose the star’s name, she was not referring to her better half, Alden Richards.

In the interview, Maine mentioned that she didn’t know anything about Alden (who previously used his real name Richard Faulkerson Jr. in show business). And because she didn’t get to see her celebrity crush, she insisted to get a photo-op with Candy cuties which then included Alden Richards.

According to Maine, it was her friend who showed her their throwback photo from the 2010 event. For Alden, the blurred photo meant something to AlDub. None of them knew that they would be a famous tandem five years later.

Now, the two have become really close on and off cam. As posted on the AlDub fan page, reporters teased that Alden’s dimples were getting deeper. Aside from his happy work environment, the actor admitted that Maine kept poking at his dimples.

In today’s episode, the grandmothers (Lola Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora) and Yaya Dub were busy preparing for their Christmas carolling competition. A dance teacher even joined them in their practice.

While Alden promised to visit them, he didn’t make it on set. Thus, Maine was worried about Alden. Did something bad happened to him?