Discovery reality series Alaskan Bush People is one of the most watched TV shows right now. Die-hard fans wait with bated breath every week for some new updates about the Brown family. In fact, the post-season special episode’s shocking revelations have left them speculating a lot about these bushy people. Will they be back with Alaskan Bush People Season 5?  If the Wolfpack comes back, what is in store for them? Here are some predictions.

The Worried Brown parents:

At the end of Season 4,  we saw Billy and Ami sitting and waiting for Josh to bring back Matt from rehab to Browntown in their small boat. As Billy and Amy watched Josh come into sight on the water, it became very clear that Matt was not with him. That raises a question how the worried and aging parents of a wild brood will react to the situation. Will they be able to handle the shock? As Billy and Ami have not prepared for this, Matt’s absence might give his parents some thoughts to brood over.

Perhaps a broken Wolfpack:

To date, we have seen the unity of the Wolfpack. They have been working together to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. However, the latest update from Billy and Ami’s eldest is pretty unexpected. After the camera stopped rolling, Matt Brown eventually let the family know he chose to stay longer in treatment.

Alaskan Bush People Season 4 highlighted many situations where the Browns were not spotted together. Recently, the Wolfpack has been seen in Anchorage without Matt. There could be two reasons for it. First, they want to overcome the pain of Matt’s departure. Second, the family has left Browntown just to stay close to Matt while he’s undergoing treatment.

Kids coming out of their protective cocoons:

The overprotective nature of the Brown parents may create difficulties for their grown-up kids. Through the episodes of the Alaskan Bush People, it was obvious that Billy and Ami are very protective of their kids. They often do not treat them as grownups.  As parents, they praise every small effort made by their children. Even if the kids take on some naive odd projects, Billy and Ami admire them.

This kind of positive response on a constant basis has seemed to present a false sense of security to these full-grown children while out in the real world.

Thus, it will be better for Matt, Gabe, Josh, Bear and Noah to come out of their cocoon and face reality. The sooner they realize the truth, the better it will be.

Brown kids’ serious lessons on ‘dating’:

Due to the influence of Ami and Billy in the adult lives of their five boys, they look more eager to please their parents all the time. Their love life is nearly zero. They do not even know the basic trick of wooing a girl. Their date spots have been unexpectedly weird, like the nearest town’s junkyard.

Even the oldest daughter Snowbird doesn’t seem to have any interest in dating anyone. TVRuckus doubts that she’s still in the playing-with-dolls stage, while she is in her early twenties.  In future installments of Alaskan Bush People, fans can expect to see some noticeable improvement in the kids’ dating skills.

For more updates on Alaskan Bush People, stay tuned.