The genuineness of the reality stars of Alaskan Bush People has always been in debates.  Be it the family members or their behavior towards the people of the outer world, everything looks little unconvincing. Here are some real and unreal facts about them.

Alaskan Bush People have Money:

Billy Brown gained popularity as an author for penning down two books.  One of them dubbed as One Wave At A Time was the prime inspiration for television series. Currently, the Brown patriarch has over 70 books under his belt. No doubt, the success of Billy Brown’s book brought them some good luck. Their finances improved overnight. However, it will be foolish to assume that Alaskan Bush People can survive on this money for the rest of their lives. That is why they are on the show.

Matt Brown’s alcohol addiction caused disgrace to the Show:

Matt Brown has been one the most debated member of Alaskan Bush People. The reason, it is his alcohol addiction and he being apparently found in a rehab center. In fact, he was accused of being the reason for the show to be called off. However, the reality is, these were all rumors. The filming of the show has been resumed.

Everything is scripted:

Most people know that reality TV doesn’t always represent REALITY. Any show that appears on television has to compete for high viewing ratings. This includes the reality shows, as well. So it constantly has to be kept interesting or wacky to the point that it keeps the viewers glued to their seats.  Some parts of the show are scripted, some are real. Alaskan Bush People might not be an exception. But that doesn’t mean they are fake.

The offspring bringing shame to the Brown parents:

It is not just Matt, the other children are also blamed for bringing shame to their parents. Like, Joshua Brown getting involved with the show with producer Allison Kagan. Even their oldest daughter Snowbird who is in her early twenties still plays with dolls instead of behaving maturely or age appropriately. She doesn’t seem to have any interest in dating anyone. As a matter of fact, no family in this world is perfect.  Some children mature slower; some of them go wrong while the rest make their own ways. In the case of Alaskan Bush People, the behavior of their kids is absolutely normal.

Now we leave it to our readers to decide how real or unreal the Alaskan Bush People are!