“Alaskan Bush People” has some new developments. A camera has captured some interesting footage. Is Matt checking into a rehab? Here are the revelations!

On 4th of this month, Inquisitr broke the news of Matt Brown from “Alaskan Bush People” entering a rehab. On an Alaskan Bush People Facebook group, an Alaskan local recorded and shared that Matt Brown had been seen getting inside a center. This center looks like  a rehab facility. However, at this time, the video clipping has not been made public, as the facility has not permitted to do so.

Looks like, with this revelation “Alaskan Bush People” will take up Matt Brown’s addiction issues directly. In last week’s episode, we saw Billy Brown  discussing with Matt that he has observed a change in Matt’s behavior. Billy asked why he has been visiting the town too frequently and getting back home quite late. However, Matt refuted all these accusations and said he is just too tired.

Billy, on the other hand, didn’t believe Matt and felt perhaps he needs to wait till Matt comes on his own and shares the truth.

In an interview, Billy said:

“He’s just got a look in his eye like something’s bothering him. There’s just a sense about him that doesn’t seem right.”

Surprisingly to date, there has never any trace on “Alaskan Bush People” about Matt’s drug addiction issues. However, he has a drinking history. In fact, in 2013, the authorities arrested him arrested as he drank and caused an accident. The level of Matt’s blood alcohol in the breathalyzer test showed to be 0.150. The probation period for which was  18 months, post three days tenure in jail. In a police report, the assisting officer Terry Allen described  Matt as “nervous, jumpy and talked really fast.” Terry’s version of Matt seems to be completely different from the Matt we see on Alaskan Bush People.

Going by the next week’s episode preview, one can assume what is next. The approaching episode will focus on Matt’s addiction issues. The promo shared, showed Matt sitting lonely on the island. In another shot, we can him telling Gabe, that “this road doesn’t go anywhere good,” reports inquisitr.

To know more stay tuned to “Alaskan Bush People” on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET.