The post-season special episode of Alaskan Bush People showed Billy and Ami upset. Their eldest son did not return to Browntown from the rehab on the scheduled date. Where is Matt Brown now? Has he decided to cut ties with the Wolfpack? Or he is up to something new? Let us find out.

Despite receiving a mixed response from fans and critics, the Discovery reality show Alaskan Bush People is one of the most watched shows at the moment. The members of the Wolfpack have inspired the viewers with their bushy lifestyle, distinctive accent and simplicity.

Among the members of the clan, Matt Brown is possibly the most desirable one. The star has earned a lot of rave reviews from the viewers of the Alaskan Bush People. His arresting looks, appealing personality and child-like innocence have made fans overlook even his terrible alcohol addiction.

Matt Brown Decided to Stay On For Counselling

There is no denying that the post-season special episode of Alaskan Bush People has left fans wondering about their bushy heartthrob Matt Brown’s whereabouts. With Bam coming back alone in the ferry, Billy and Ami looked helpless and upset. On the other hand, the note (appeared at the end of the episode) almost brought a sense of relief. It conveyed that Matt chose to stay at the rehab some more. Although he is hoping to return to the Alaskan wilds one day, there was no revelation when he will be back.

While his decision of continuing the counseling is a positive thing, it is unclear why he did not inform his family about it beforehand. TVRuckus doubts perhaps he wishes to stay away from the Wolfpack. Why? This is another matter of concern. We hope Alaskan Bush People will address the issue in detail in the coming days.

Alaskan Bush People highlighted a major part of Matt Brown. A few weeks back, following a period of bizarre behavior, Matt checked himself into a rehab for alcohol abuse.  Alaskan Bush People Season 4 has openly discussed his struggles with addiction. He also shared his part of the story of dealing with alcoholism.  He claimed that he experienced problems with alcohol during the period between Season 1 and 2 of Alaskan Bush People. While it’s commendable that the 31-year-old sought help, there are some who are skeptical of his claims.

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