Discovery Channel’s reality –documentary “Alaskan Bush People” is one of the most watched and popular series of recent time where every character of the family has some secrets to reveal. After the revelation of Matt Brown‘s drug addiction, now it’s Ami Brown’s turn. Does she have a secret past too?

As a mainstay in “American Bush People,” Ami Brown’s story is something a fan would love to know. In front of the camera, she might be a reality star but behind-the-scene is she really what she pretends to be?

Almost a year back some revelations by Ami’s brother Les Branson put a big question mark over her past.  Branson took it to the Facebook and spoke about Ami’s decades-long marriage to Alaskan Bush People paterfamilias Billy Brown.

According to Reality TV Scandal, Les clarified his family’s decision to make contact in a genuine Facebook comment on an Alaskan Bush People group page.
Les Branson expressed:

‘I don’t even care if Ami calls her mother at this point. The damage is already done.’

Les then stated although he is happy for Ami’s small screen success but he feels Ami “has been a virtual prisoner of a domestic abuser for 35 years.” Now “Alaskan Bush People” has given her some amount of freedom.

That is a very grave accusation for Ami’s brother to make. However, we can’t deny it completely if we consider the circumstances under which Billy and Ami’s marriage took place, says Inquisitr.

Les added:

“People claim, Ami is an adult. She can call her mother if she wants to. The fact is, no, she can’t – not if it will upset Billy. Of paramount importance is not to make Billy mad. Ask the people on the dock who witnessed Billy’s anger and threats of death. Imagine being subjected to that violent temper for over 35 years since the age of 15.”

Is Billy’s temperament and manipulative nature the reason for her estranged relationship with her family?  Why she stayed away from them for decades?

Les wrote on a Facebook comment:

“My mom, sister and family friend kidnapped Ami away from Billy for two days and tried to talk sense into her, but to no avail.”

If Ami Brown’s own family is successful in connecting with her, then things may get clear in the coming time. Fans might discover who Billy  really is, away from the reality TV show. In fact, if the accusations of domestic abuse and isolation are true, Ami will get the help she needs to fight her situation.

Tune into “Alaskan Bush People” for more updates. The show airs on Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET.